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Section 1: I attended the Sunday services of the Broadway Baptist Church. As I drove up to the building, I saw a blue sign in the shape of a two-dimensional house. The sign was blue, and at the top was an emblem that was a square of four colors with a circle at the center. The colors of both the sign and the emblem were different shades of blue. The building was constructed of light-orange and white bricks. While only two stories tall, the width of the building was quite large. This was the main building where the Sunday services were held. After the services, I was able to tour the different buildings of the church. Adjacent and adjoining to the main building was another building that much shorter in height. The middle connecting building that was shorter in height and was also where the Chapel was located. Adjoined and adjacent to the connecting building was another building where I hypothesize religious instruction for children was held. My hypothesis was based on my observation of many children exiting from the building and entering the main building for the Sunday services. The service hall, located in the main building, was two stories tall. I entered from the side entrance into the first story of the building. Immediately to the right of the entrance was a table with pamphlets that contain information regarding church activities. Opposite to this table were many rows of benches for members to sit. After taking a seat on the benches, I noticed that there was a small compartment in front of me located on the back of the preceding bench. In the compartment were envelopes for donations, with instructions in both English and Spanish, and information cards to be filled by first time Broadway Baptist Church goers.
From my location, I could see that the second story of the main building also contained seating for the members; however, they did not occupy it. Instead, there were a few individuals in charge of production effects and the projector, which was utilized during the Sunday services. In front of the wooden seats was a prominent stage whose architecture best resembled a proscenium stage, commonly used in theatrical productions. The stage had a pianist, guitarist (also later discovered to be a vocalist), and a drummer. The stage was slightly elevated from the members’ seating area. On the stage, there was also a podium that was used by the pastor for the sermon. Before the services began, the pastor asked members of the congregation to greet each other. During this period of socializing, multiple members warmly greeted me. It was a pleasant surprise that significantly contributed to the atmosphere. During the mingling period, the band played background music that was very pleasant as well. Unexpectedly, the services began with a group of children (more than twenty of them) singing a song with Christian lyrics, which included many references to their Lord and his characteristics. Afterwards, Pastor Fowler began discussing the elements of prayer, which included the following: my home, my pastor, my church, lost people, and my nation. I observed that the prayer for lost people really resonated with many of the members. Past Fowler quoted Luke 19:10, “ For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” I observed many members displayed deep emotion when this was prayer was read, as if they themselves were lost and seeking to be saved. After Pastor Fowler concluded his sermon, Pastor Ramirez gave the “lesson-like” sermon, which contained a message meant to be applied in members’ everyday lives. Pastor Ramirez’s sermon discussed, “the evil within us." He discussed that even people who perceive them as good people can make mistakes, also referred to as sins, and he gave multiple examples of this occurrence even including examples from his own life and his own mistakes. The essence of his point was that the members should closely reflect on their everyday lives to ensure that they are living their lives