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Beckett Cromwell
Advanced Citizenship
Mrs. Crovo, B4

Seven Roles of the President A lot goes into what a president does to make a country run, and especially the roles he has to fulfill. Out of the 7 roles, there are many ways that the president can protect the common good. These can be shown in politics by treaties, war declarations, Bills, laws, and many other things. The president can protect the common good by acting as Chief Diplomat, Commander in Chief, and Economic Leader. The President uses the role of Chief Diplomat to protect the common good of America’s citizens by the cash and carry basis, Four Freedoms, and diplomatic relations with other countries. The cash and carry basis really helped protect the safety of American citizens by arming other countries to control the power-seeking Nazi army. The four freedoms were made by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1941 State of the Union address basically proposing four fundamental freedoms that people “everywhere in the world” ought to enjoy, thus protecting the idea of a democracy in the U.S. The last example of a Chief Diplomat in action is with Jimmy Carter. President Carter reopened diplomatic relations with China, signed a bilateral strategic arms limitation treaty with Soviet Leader Leonard Brezhner, this in turn makes the U.S. become peaceful with these nations and prevent further altercations. Similar to Chief Diplomat, Commander in Chief also a popular way that the president protects the common good. The president uses the role of Commander in Chief to protect the common good of American citizens with the Vietnam War, Abraham Lincoln’s Re-election, and Obama withdrawing troops from Iraq. When President Johnson began to feel pressure from North Vietnamese Communists trying to take over the US, and if he didn’t start this war, then the fighting would slowly be being fought closer and closer to the homeland. Obama also had to make a decision on whether or not to pull troops out of Iraq. The war wasn’t really leading to a resolution, so he began to pull the troops from Iraq. This reunited families, and decreased money being spent for travel on tour. During the Civil War many of the decisions made, and battles the Union won because of Abraham Lincoln really “solidified the deal in the 1864 re-election”. This helped the African- American population and many northern citizens because now they weren’t going to have to deal with the slavery issue much longer. Commander in Chief can be anywhere on the Military side of action, but in this case it is with pulling troops, declaring war, and strategic actions. This leads into the next topic of the Economic Leader. The President uses Economic Leader to protect the common good of American citizens such as the President Carter Job increase, Roosevelt Pennsylvania Coal Strike, and the Voting Rights act of 1965. Even though President Carter had economic troubles while in office he was able to create 8 million jobs, and reduce the budget of deficit. This is always good news because new jobs create opportunity for families, and helps pay bills. While the reduction of the budget