City-States of Greeds Essay

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Athens and Sparta were two of the largest and strongest city-states in Ancient Greece, and they are both vastly similar, but also very different. Athens and Sparta were influenced similarly by greed in political structure, economy, and socially. The influence of people differed in political structure, economy, and socially. In Sparta and Athens the people were hungry for more property and more control. In Athens and Sparta they both had a strong economy and yet they depended on different things. In Sparta the people were very strong in agriculture and they didn’t trade with others because they were good on their own. In Athens the people grew fruits and they traded with other neighboring city-states. Sparta had many natural resources such as iron, bronze, clay, timber, grain, leather, and wool. Athens had only a couple of natural resources such as an olive tree, which is very popular for them. The Spartans didn’t really have a type of economy they depended on themselves, while the Athens depended on trade and were very interested in securing their finances. Because Athens depended on other city-states they acquired many allies that were useful to them during the war with Sparta. In Sparta and Athens the women stayed at home to take care of the family, while in Sparta men were in the military and in Athens men had the option to be in the military. In Athens girls didn’t go to school they stayed at home and helped their mothers. In Sparta girls went to school to learn how to take care of a household. Both of the civilizations had slavery, but Athens didn’t depend so much on slavery like Sparta did. Both of the civilizations were Pantheon, which meant that they believed in Gods and…