Climate Change Essay

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“We have to face the reality of climate change. It is arguably the biggest threat we are facing today.” (William Hague). Climate change is the change in the patterns of the global climate, caused by the increase levels of carbon dioxide that are produced. The tropical forests that are being destroyed and the fossil fuels that are used every day are two of the causes of the large quantities of carbon dioxide that are released into the atmosphere. Climate change is an issue that affects us all and needs to be solved. Solutions to climate change are to protect the tropical forests by stopping the production of cutting down trees and replacement fossil fuels with renewable resources. Every minute about 13,500 trees are cut down, destroying forests of our planet. When tropical forests are destroyed more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere than all of the world’s cars, planes and trucks combined. One way to prevent climate change is to stop destroying the world’s forests. This is the quickest and cheapest solution to climate change and it cuts downs greatly on the amount of carbon dioxide being released. One way to put a stop to the trees being cut down is to find an alternative mean for the use of tree for usual activities like building and for furniture. Instead of using wood for these things we could use plastic and iron material for furniture and building purposes. Many people think that educating others about the actual side effects of cutting down trees is the solution but it’s really only the starting point. Yes people need to know about the problem and how it affects us but if they do nothing about it or just continue destroy the forests no one will get anywhere. People can spend all of their time trying to educating about climate change but it’s useless if people choose to do nothing about it so the real way to fix the problem is to enact strict laws against cutting down trees and improper use of tree products. Laws like for every tree and new one must be planted or laws that put the cutting of the forests to limits and is only allowed for certain reasons. This way we can prevent or limit the amount of trees that are cut down. Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide that was removed from the earth’s atmosphere from years ago by the animal and plant life, which means it increases the concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. People need to replace fossil fuels and stop using it because fossil fuels consist primarily of carbon which is released into the air and is a resource that is running out. The hardest part of this solution is the stopping of the use of fossil fuels because people in more developed countries wear, work and play in products made from fossil fuels. There’s no surprise in finding out that the world is running out of fossil fuels which is why scientists around world are racing to find replacements for the substance, but it’s also important in finding replacements that are clean and earth friendly that prevent climate change like wind energy. Wind energy is a replacement for fossil fuels because it produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation and doesn’t use up much land unlike solar power plants. Instead of using fossil fuels we can set up wind turbines which convert wind energy and use that for