Climate Change Essay

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Natalie Sesco English 1 Uri Hertz May 17, 2012 Environmental Issues

Everyone talks about climate change and how the Earth is slowly deteriorating, but no one seems to have specific examples. In Linnea Saukko’s “How to Poison the Earth,” she does use specific examples of what is causing climate change. She uses satire with a hint of sarcasm in her essay. She gives the reader specific examples of how to poison the Earth, but not really wanting to poison the Earth. Gretel Ehrlich writes her essay, “Chronicles of Ice,” a little differently. She uses personal experiences of visiting a glacier and the way that it is falling apart to explain climate change. She uses detailed, sensory description to explain
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The majority of his essay is talking about how others have studied these cancer clusters around the world. When reading this essay, he comes off as being very intelligent and factual, but further into the essay, that perception becomes questionable. He uses his personal experience with them, but in a different way than Ehrlich. Gawande also starts to slightly contradict himself in his personal belief in cancer clusters. It didn’t seem to have a big personal effect on the way I see this issue on the environmental problems. He writes a lot of what the cancer clusters are and the effect they have on the public, but he doesn’t bring up the main issue of what is causing them which also adds to the contradiction in this essay. Saukko, Ehrlich and Gawande each use different techniques to make their points. In both Gawande’s and Ehrlich’s essays, personal experiences are used. However, in Ehrlich’s essay, it is far more exaggerated in her descriptions of the glaciers; where-as Gawande just briefly touches down on the fact that he grew up in a cancer cluster. Saukko doesn’t mention personal experience, but she more-so gives step by step instructions on how to poison the earth, which is far from what either of the other two authors did. All three essays taught me a little more about the environment. Saukko talked about how different chemicals are affecting us and how they are traveling through the earth. Ehrlich spoke