Cloud storage Essay

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In today’s day and age, people are on the go and technology is expected to ‘go’ with them. Many different variations accompany the ‘today's day and age’ kind of person. Some people are on the go due to a job that requires them the commute from one office to another, while some people may be self-employed and they can’t be tied down at a desk all day. For others it could simply mean, they are out with friends and along comes there technology with them. You see it every day, all day; most people of this error are never without some kind of technology that can connect them to their friends, office, family, etc.
What are these people doing with all this technology? It’s been said many times, that ‘their life is on their phone/tablet/iPad etc. So, what information are these people talking about and why are they carring it around with them like some kind of ‘folder’? For some of these folks, the information could be office projects, meeting notes to discuss at the next meeting, or it can be as personal as photos, contact information, phone numbers, addresses, music or anniversary dates. In a sense, it is a folder; of one’s important documents. But as that information grows with a person, so too must the storage capacity of their devices.
As technology continues to advance, we are now embarking on a new error, one where we are using a new storage device called, Cloud Storage. This new service is allowing people to have faster access to their personal information and even be…