Cloud Computing Case Study 2 Essay

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Cloud Computing
Week 8 Case Study 2

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Cloud computing is defined as an extension of virtual servers in which the resources available include computing, storage, and Internet access and appear to have unlimited availability (Satzinger, Jackson & Burd, 2012).

Assess how Ericsson benefitted from Amazon Web Services (AWS) in terms of cost reduction, automated software updates, remote access, and on-demand availability.

Ericsson benefited from AWS by reducing its maintenance (data warehouses, servers) cost and reducing having to buy capacity that it doesn’t need. Using cloud software saves clients from having to buy capacity that is doesn’t need (Satzinger, Jackson & Burd, 2012). AWS offers the ability for users all around the world to get access to the requested information within seconds of an application being launched from anywhere around the world.
•Evaluate the scalability, dependability, manageability, and adaptability of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Services (Amazon S3), and RightScale.
The Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 offer high levels of scalability. Both services offer the benefit to only pay for the capacity that is being used, and the ability to scale up or down. Amazon S3 takes it to a whole new level with the ability to interact with older versions, and 3rd party storage repositories and gateways (Amazon, ND). Using RightScale Cloud Performance Management gives users the ability to manage several cloud services that the organization might be using,. “RightScale provides the on-demand growing and shrinking of infrastructure. It’s almost the holy grail of cloud computing (Matt Wise, ND)
•Examine the security concerns for cloud-based services and make suggestions to cope with these concerns.

Many security risk associated with cloud-based services must be taken into consideration when using these services. With cloud computing, like most types of storage format, can be susceptible to data manipulation, hacking, and malware penetrating the services “cloud computing is simply remote storage, which was used in earlier generations as off-site backup for fault tolerance, and emergency preparedness (Neumann, 2014).

•Assess possible scalability, reliability, and cost issues associated with cloud computing, and make suggestions to overcome each of these