Coast of a Dream Essay

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David Soto
English IV
June 6, 2012

The Cost of a Dream When my father first came to this country from Guatemala he had nothing, knew only his few family members that were already in the states, and only spoke Spanish. Nevertheless, through all those adversities he faced he still managed to find a job and provide for himself. Today, nearly thirty years after coming to this country he speaks English, owns a home, has raised a beautiful family, and most importantly he is no longer an illegal immigrant but a permanent resident who is currently planning on becoming a U.S. citizen. Many immigrants that come to the U.S come with a sense of hope that they too can share the freedom that the nation offers, but unfortunately a particular group of immigrants are target because they don't fit into the “American mold.” Immigration has always been a common controversy among many Americans and politicians who are looking to become elected. “Immigration to the U.S has been characterized by openness punctuated by periods of restriction. During the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, immigration was essentially open without restriction, and at times, immigrants were even recruited to come to America” (Hernandez 49). Throughout time, immigration has become very common due to the economic problems of many neighboring countries and has resulted in the U.S being a diverse country. Today, the U.S is made up of different ethnicities that range from Mexicans, Belizeans, Salvadorians,