College Athletes Be Paid

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Should College Athletes Be Paid?
Some might argue college athletes should be paid because although they receive compensations from scholarships, they still have many expenses coming out of their own pockets. But since most are full time students and are spending over 40 hours a week training in a particular sport, athletes have no time to keep part time jobs. Many athletes do not come from privileged backgrounds and/or do not have family to rely on financially. Things like food outside of the dining hall, clothes for mandatory banquets/formal events, extra training gear, personal travel costs, etc. are all examples of just a few expenses that most scholarships don’t cover. These costs can add up quickly and definitely cause stress and take a toll on a student’s productivity in class and in the game. If athletes were
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Each side brings up valid points. That being said, I think I favor the affirmative view point, college athletes should be paid some sort of wage. I don’t believe it needs to be any amount too excessive or lavish, just enough to be able to live comfortably. As a student myself I relate to the feeling of financial instability. Scholarships only cover so many expenses. Athletes spend all of their time and focus being great for a sport, they have no time to earn money for their personal life. Is it fair to expect athletes to not want to have personal items and or do things that cost money with their friends/family? Although some athletes will move forward to making millions, it doesn’t make up for their struggle during the process of creating that success. And their scholarship benefits are rightfully earned not just during college, but stems from their hard work and efforts put into academics and sports in high school. Athletes have proven to work harder than most students in high school and in college so I don’t think it’s asking too much to pay them a livable