College Athletes Should Get Paid Essay

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Should College Athletes Get Paid? Many people say that college was the best time of their lives. College students experience a lot of fun activities in college, but you also experience many bad events. In college you have the opportunity to do many things. You can join a fraternity, you can attend parties, and you can join many clubs. Many people find friends in college through fraternities or clubs, you can even find your soulmate in college. All of those are great activities in college, but college athletics is just above everything else. College athletes contribute a lot to the universities, therefore they should get paid. Within the Universities, there is a lot of controversy on if the college athletes should be paid. People say that …show more content…
One reason college athletes should be paid is because paying the athletes would make the sport much more competitive. “If the NCAA paid its athletes, the students would not have to add extra stress worrying about where they will get their money from. If students did not have to worry about their finances, they could spend more time focusing on their game and their classes. This helps prevent tired and burnt out athletes from underperforming on the field.” ( Another reason to the pay the college athletes is because the NCAA is an 11 billion dollar industry. 11 billion dollars is more than enough to at least give your players money. 11 billion dollars is more than what the NBA and NHL brings in, in revenue in their season. It’s time to make a change. My last reason for why college athletes should get paid is, a salary would help student athletes learn to manage their money. “Money management is one of the most important skills that young people can learn and paying student athletes even a small salary will help them learn how to manage their money. Whether they go on to make millions or are forced to leave professional athletics behind, these skills are both practical and transferable for student athletes.”