Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Do you have a college athlete that you are having to give them money because they don’t have any? Read this essay on why college athletes should be getting paid. Hopefully this will change your mind on why college athletes should be paid. Paying College athletes is really important because it helps them be more responsible with money and won’t make their parents have to give them money. College athletes should be paid because they work more hours a week than most people, they put their bodies on the line every week, and the way they play makes people pay to watch them. The first reason why the college athletes should be paid is they put their bodies on the line each and every day, so let’s talk about the reasons why.
Let’s start off by talking about how they put their bodies on the line each and everyday. These college athletes are putting their bodies and their health for they game they love. (Smart Asset) They are sacrificing for the sport they love but they don’t get anything out of it unless they win the championship which is very difficult so here's an example. In the 2013 March Madness Kevin Ware player of Louisville was injured really badly after
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They spend more time on their sports than more people and leave out school work. Athletes are getting hurt and some even become paralyzed but they don’t get paid. They bring in a bunch of money but they don’t get any of that money, which is why they should get some of the money. If you don’t agree with me that’s okay but you might be going in debt having to pay for your kids because they don’t get any. If you do agree with me that’s amazing you are saving yourself money and your kids with be more responsible with money. Thank you for reading my essay, I hope it helped you with your decision on why college athletes should be