Why College Athletes Should Get Paid Essay

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Should College Athletes Get Paid
11 February,2015 I think college athletes should be paid just like professional athletes. College athletes do the same thing proffesional athletes do but just at a lower level.

Chris Smith wrote in an article that said ‘’
"thanks in part to a $700,000 ad rate for a 30­second spot during the Final Four. I think its absolutely crazy that they raise that much money for a tournament and the players don't get any of the money. College athletes have to worry about paying for school which can be very expensive,College cost about $10,300 it can cost alot more also. College athletes usually have to get jobs to pay for college,go to school and still go to practice all in one day which is crazy. If athletes get paid just a little amount of money for playing a sport there college life would be a lot easier.

Kareem Abdul­Jabbar the famous nba player said since college athletes don't get paid they often break rules to just get by. This happened q1` to a couple of the ohio state buckeyes players in 2010. Players have to get so desperate that they risk getting in trouble. If players get injured playing the sport and have to have surgery there scholarship does not pay for it they have to pay for it and surgeries can cost thousands of dollars and sometimes more. College athletes might have kids and they need money to take care of them which that can be very hard to afford when they can barely afford