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Cisse Trading Co.

To whom it may concern,

I very much enjoyed meeting your representative Rachael Styer at the Pace University career fair and hearing about internship opportunities at Cisse Trading Co. I believe this company would be the perfect internship opportunity for quite a few reasons. I’m a senior marketing major at Pace University and I’ve taken multiple courses in; marketing, management, accounting, computer information systems, economics, public speaking and finance. I interned last summer for M.L Strength Gym in White Plains, NY. Although I was able to learn various aspects of marketing such as social media and database entry, I didn’t feel like I got the full experience I wanted, or that the internship really challenged me to my full potential. I truly believe that Cisse would be a completely different experience. Being a small start-up company, I know I’d be able to get more time working with the staff, which will allow me to learn so much more than I could at most other internships. I find the food industry to be extremely intriguing, and I want to be able to learn exactly how a company is able to work from the ground up and become as successful as Cisse in only a year. When it comes to getting projects done I am an extremely motivated individual. I love the feeling of the putting in the hard work now and being able to reap the benefits of it later on. I’ve also had experience canvassing for various causes including an environmental group in White…