Essay on College: High School and Education

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The last couple of years have been long and very stressful for me, as they have for everyone my age. No matter what, everyone has experienced many of the same "teenage" circumstances as I have and has dealt with them in their own way. As a personal participant in this "game", we call life, I would say I always work hard for what I want but even harder for what I need, I find education in this case a “need.” That is just my view on things in life, too bad, most people don’t see it the same as I do. “ Daughter no matter what happens you need to stay focused and worry about your education first, because education is the key to success and success is everything” were the words of my father before being indicted.Every day I would go on thinking about the words my father preached to me, I was only a near teenager preparing for high school at the time of the incident, so I really didn’t know how powerful those words were. As I began to age into a young lady more and more I realized what each word meant and how it could really have a big effect on my life. Since then I have always focused on school and how I could be successful, if I do this would it help/benefit me in anyway, and if it wasn’t compromising with what I needed to have a better life and education then it wasn’t for me. Power, Respect and Money education is like power, when you have the power then the respect which would be the success and then the “big” money will just start rolling in.Statistics state that “People with College Degrees aren’t more successful than people without them but, they do have better job and career opportunities.” How far and how much money do you think you can get without advancing your education from