Transferable Skills Essay

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Transferable Business Skills

Transferable Skill
Do I have this skill?
How did I gain it and when do I use it?
How can I develop this skill?
When do I plan to do this?
Communication Skills


I learnt my writing skills by going to school, starting from primary school and progressing to higher education. I use this skill daily in life.
I can improve on this skill by practising it every day, writing up coursework, taking notes for assignments and filling out forms.
I plan to do this during college time and also at home when doing college coursework.

I established this skill throughout the period of going school, I formal language in classroom, hospital or interviews etc. and while I’m with my friends I use slang language.
I can develop this skill by speaking out in class, using formal language more often, instead of using slang language.
I plan to do this by communicate with people more often.
Interpersonal Skills yes I developed this skill throughout school and work, by getting to know new people and building a good relationship with friends and customers.
I can develop this skill by meeting new people in college or outside of college.
I plan to this in my spare time in college, and when attending sport events.
Problem Solving/Analytical skills

Time Management no I’m not always on time to my lessons or I don’t even attend my lessons properly because I wake up late. Also I don’t hand in my college works on times.
I can develop on this skill by going sleep early every night and set the alarm on. Spend more time on my college works.
Waking up on time for college to reach lessons on time, ensure my work is done on time and handed it so I have time to do other things, also reaching home on time to get to work.
Problem solving yes I’ve learnt how to deal with problems at work, this is when the customers have a problem we ensure to solve the problem and keep the customers happy.
I can improve this skill by ensuring the customer’s problem is solved and that I have used all the options to solve the problem to keep the customers pleased.
I plan to this when customers aren’t happy with the food and I can solve this problem by offering a refund or any other options they want to take.

I gained this skill throughout school and college when researching for coursework or homework, when I research something I use colleges library
I can improve this skill by ensuring my research is reliable.
I need to plan on doing this when tasks are set where I will need to do research in order to complete tasks for college assignments.

I developed this in school when I took an art lesson, This was where I and a group of friends draw different things with different idea.
I can develop on this skill by drawing different things and where I can show the skills I have and develop new ones.
I plan on doing this by joining an art lesson during summer time.

Team member yes I am a good team player. I can communicate with my team mates and go against their thoughts or agree with them if their idea is good enough. If I understand the object then I put myself forward to lead the team. I’ve learnt this by playing sports, taking parts in class activities in college and high school
I will always use this skill because it is going to help me in college or in my career. I always use this skill outside college by playing football.
I will always plan to use this skill in work when my boss gives me and my colleagues a task to do.
Team leader

I developed this skill by showing leadership in college or when I play a sport where I picked up a lot of skills and used them when I need to.

I can develop this skill by deciding to become a team leader, also in sport; I am the captain of the team so I need to ensure the team is set right.
I plan on doing this in college lessons when we have group discussion, also when I play football for my team, I have to act as being the captain and ensure