Personal Information And Activities Profile

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Anthony Zapata 4-29-13

Personal Information & Activities Profile

1. The major that I intend to pursue in college is business management. The reasons why I feel this major is right for me is because I possess strong communication skills, are good with the planning process and have exceptional problem solving skills. Along with those traits, I also have the ability to motivate and lead the team toward a common goal.

2. I feel my strongest are of achievements in academics is History. I enjoy history because i like to create a "big picture" of the events that occurred in the past. I find it to be fascinating to learn about things that happened in the past and the events that lead up to where we are today.

3.I have been involved in several retreats during my years at Immaculata and was even given the chance to lead one of them. It was an amazing experience because I was able to interact with other students and help other people define who they are, and to come together to strengthen our relationship with God. I have also participated in smaller campus ministry works, such as food shopping for the elderly, and volunteering at local food drives.

4. My strongest personality trait would definitely be the ability to work with others. I feel that when I am in a group setting, I am very outspoken with my ideas and am able to listen to what others have to say. I have a true team spirit and firmly believe that if you work as a team, its easier to work toward the goal. I have an open personality where I am able to get along with everyone I meet and work hard at getting to know different peoples beliefs and dreams. I am open to suggestions and opinions but am able to form…