Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

Words: 2015
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People are around the world are debating whether college athletes should be paid or should not be paid. Sports are a big part of American’s culture and affect how Americans live their lives. College athletes should not be paid because it wouldn't be fair to the other athletes, they wouldn't try as hard, and they already receive huge scholarships. Athletes should be paid because they put in more work than most Americans every week, don't have time to work real jobs, and they are the only people in the sport who don't get paid. Athletes deserve to be paid even though they receive huge scholarships because they don't have time to work, they are the key part of the sport, and there is tons of money in the sport.
College Sports make colleges really popular. If your sports teams are good, more students want to go to that school. When this happens it's
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Athletes who are really good at their sport usually receive huge scholarships that pay for their education at their college. Also a lot of the really good athletes ”often receive stipends to help towards books and other basic needs. This money does not have to be paid back” (Patterson). Athletes are already getting their college tuition paid off, which is usually tons of money. Most students do not get scholarships to pay for their tuition so athletes already have an advantage. The amount of money a top college athlete gets, “including a full-ride scholarship and side payments, rarely surpasses $30–40,000” (Zimbalist). Athletes already have an advantage over just normal students because they have their college tuition already paid for. Also, if they are good enough athletes, they will make tons of money in the future if they play professional sports. Athletes should not be paid because they already receive huge scholarships that are worth tons of money while all of the other students still have to pay for