Colonist: Family and Strong Well-ordered Families Essay

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The colonial families were well-ordered in the 1800’s. Their children were homeschooled and followed instructions provided by their parents. Their family relations kept them bonded and always spends time together. They were known to live with aunts, cousins, and grandparents to keep they’re family together and well-ordered. Colonials had a close bond with their partner even though it was known for men to be the only ones to give orders and own property as women couldn’t. They felt as no one had more power than the other, they respected each other and saw each other equal.
Colonial children where home schooled and were taught by their parents as they were growing up. They had that kind of education only because school was too expensive and they could not afford to pay for public school. Since they were always at home they had to follow instructions and follow orders given so that they could turn out to be good citizens when they grew up. The colonial children had a pretty rough life because once they were done being schooled they would go out and play for a few moments. They would play with whatever they would find as their parents could not afford toys or have time to make them due to making sure that their family was organized and prepared the daily tasks. Aside from being taught education colonials would keep their families well ordered by the girls helping their mom cook, sew, clean and wash. The boys would farm, cut firewood, and fix tools so that they had what they needed and did not have to go out and rely on others. They had to make sure this was done on a daily basis aside from their education. The only way it could be done was having their house and family well-ordered.
The bond they had was one that we hardly see today. Colonials would spend every day together from day to night helping each other in everything that needed to be done. They were so close that they were known to all live together in one household with aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces and grandparents. Many would only stay until they were married and would start off their own family. By them living under one roof they would keep their families together and organized. Though the majority of colonial homes were only one room with a fireplace for the cooking and heating they still managed to make it work and this was due to being well-ordered. There were guidelines placed to be followed so that they could be well behaved and not so barbarous to each other especially as they were all under one roof.
Although there was a close bond as a family there was more of a closer bond towards husband and wife. They were married at a young age men usually in their mid-twenties, and