User Test Results Report

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User Tests In order to test our prototype we created this survey using google docs and posted in on various student groups to gain feedback. Here is the survey:

User Test Results Report

Our user test shows mainly positive results. The navigation of the website got very good reviews since the design is quite basic with the use of our search bar, navigation panel and each user understood where they were on the website.

The live chat also got very good reviews, bearing in mind it was not fully functioning since it is only our prototype. Since not all answers could be found in frequently asked questions, having a live chat that would be open all hours would be extremely helpful for students.

The filtering system was also rated as an excellent feature, users love the fact they can narrow down results to suit them rather than scrolling through pages of content. Users said they would use this website again to search for a placement and the users who said they would probably use it when the prototype has been updated to the real version is great as some features were not working.

Many users believed more colours and images could have been added to the design to make it more appealing and interesting, in order to make the website more attractive to users, a brighter, more colourful design will be added to the real thing.

There were many mixed reviews on connecting to social networking. Some users may feel that connecting their placement profile to their professional