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The process of creating our active learning session began when I contacted each of my fellow group members. Shorty shortly after I was contacted by candy but got no respsone from the other asigned group member. We then talk back and forth with each other over email and decided on a meeting place were we could work on the project face to face. We ended up meeting at the library in a study room to disscus how we would go about finishing the assigmnet.
We began by first going through the slides that containted the materials that we were asigned to utlize for the project. Candy and I split up the work and each went through a power point picking out each of the terms and question we felt would work for the project. After we had a list of all the terms and deffietions from each slide we began brainstorming for ideas.
After a few minutes of thinking about it we came up with what we thought would be a fun format for the project that would get the whole class envoled and excited. I thought back to a game I played in highschool, where the teacher would allow each student to try and make a basket with a small ball into a hoop he had placed near the front of the class. I recall everyone becoming fasinated with shooting the ball into the hoop even though it seemed very simple
We then began to think of ways that we could adapt this to our class using the limited rescourse of us college students. We ended up choosing a lundry hampper and a tenis ball as our equipment for the participants to use. The game would play out as followed. The room would first be spilt into two teams,…