Common Area Observation Paper

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Tonight I spent some time at the local common area where I’m currently stationed at. There was a unique vibe set forth by many different cultures mixing and bonding over games. The sun was setting and you could see the area start to come alive with excitement, it was as if all the sudden a switch was flipped and everyone was now turned on. There were birds chirping, breezes flowing, and the taste and smell of perfume of a beautiful lady as she walked past me. As the sunset, the crowds grew larger and started to participate in all the activities around me, Basketball, corn hole, and swimming mostly it seemed. They started sitting down at the tables for as far as the eye could see, laughing and carrying on, just having a good time. You could finally see that morale was at its highest and people were at their happiest states. …show more content…
There was a constant clatter or flip flops, the smell and tastes of overbearing perfumes, and the sound of metal chairs being pulled out and pushed in on a brick surface. The area was a mess. As the sun started to set, it seemed very hard to enjoy it due to the sweltering heat, and the constant balls of sweat running down your skin. The common area is only a small percentage of the area you can occupy on your time off, but if you want to be able to use Wi-Fi and have a place to sit down in the shade you are forced into this area. The constant playing of games and people laughing and carrying on makes it nearly impossible to be able to sit here while focusing and trying to