Communication: Communication and Future Profession Essay

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Writing Assignment
A) How have you used communication to work with someone?
Typically I use communication to work with people in my current job position to get things accomplished. We communicate about our sales staff, what they need in general, for the day as well as on a monthly basis. I also use communication with my secretary to get the things done that I need her to do on a daily basis and to help set up any interviews to fill positions that we need filled. I also use communication to keep in contact with the owner, general sales manager as well as our dealers to keep everyone going in the right direction every day and keep the company moving forward. In any job position communication is key to keeping and organized staff and business. Talking to people whether it be in person, through emails, text messages or phone calls is what keeps everyone on the same page and together keeping things going. Without communication many things would fail, not just businesses.

B) Have you ever encountered a communication barrier?
I have experienced several communication barriers due to my own personal lack of other languages and communication with people that don’t strictly speak or write in English. I think it is becoming more common that language barriers with different languages is the highest barrier out there. I have a tough time figuring out how to handle language barriers because people in general are important and when you can’t understand them or what they need/want it becomes frustrating for both parties.
C) How do you think that you will use communication in your future profession?
I believe in my future profession communication will be used for just about everything. My choice of
Future profession is to be a Legal Administrative Assistant/Paralegal. In the law work field, the attorneys speak with their Paralegals and give directions in regards to everything they need and want to Paralegal to do including speaking with clients and relaying information. Talking with the lawyers, clients, and anyone else that needs to be…