Community Health and Population Essay

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Community Health and Population Task 1
Jasha Beavers
Western Governors University

Community Health and Population Task 1
Green County is 678 square miles of land located in the southwestern region of Missouri. This county has many recreational opportunities and serves the community well by offering a zoo, many parks and museums, and large natural bodies of water (The Park, n.d.). Greene County has several educational opportunities with an estimate of 24,000 students attending R-12 school district, and 21,000 students attending one of four colleges located in the Greene County area (Springfield Missouri Convention & Visitors Bureau, 2015). Four hospitals help serve this
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People in this area enjoy mushroom hunting for recreation so it is paramount that these individuals are aware of amanitas and understand the risk factors associated with this mushroom. Eating even a tiny portion of this mushroom is deadly (Missouri Department of Conservation).
Katelyn Adamson a registered nurse stated that near drowning and even deaths from drowning are a frequent occurrence in the emergency department (K. Adamson, personal communication, February 20, 2015). This area has many large bodies of water that pose a risk for drowning. Fishing and boating are common recreational activities in this area and the risk of drowning is increased. Cultural Assessment Tool
This area has little diversity when it comes to culture. This area is predominately Caucasian. Dr. Sirish Parvathanini spoke of our culture and the differences he found when he moved here from the Phillipines. He stated that he felt our American culture was responsible for many of the health problems that he sees in Greene County. Dr. Parvathanini stated that fast food has created an unhealthy convenience and is profoundly responsible for the increased amount of obesity that is found in Greene County. He also stated that ninety percent of his patients were obese and had no desire or motivation to change (S. Parvathanini, personal communication, February 21, 2015).
Dr. Parvathanini stated that his culture was profoundly different from the culture in Greene