Community Teaching Work Plan (Nursing) Essay

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Community Teaching Work Plan
Cristeta Flynn, Lynette Ortiz, Virginia Wilson, James LaRue
Grand Canyon University

Community Teaching Work Plan This is a Community Teaching Plan Work Proposal group project for the city of San Diego, and our target community is children in elementary school. We have chosen primary health promotion/prevention and will address Childhood Obesity, which falls under the category of Nutrition and Weight Status in Healthy People 2020. According to the County of San Diego, HHSA, Public Health Services, Community Health Statistics (County of San Diego, August 2011, p. 11-13), one in four children in San Diego is overweight or obese, which
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Improving physical activities in childcare settings.
2. Limit the use of computers and television watching among the children.
3. Promote fitness and physical activity programs in school to promote the purpose. 3. The parents and the teachers should be educated about the importance of physical activities to reduce obesity among children. Children should be provided with enough resources for the children to play in school and in the communities. Make an ambience where the children can make use of sidewalks, bike lanes, trails, and parks and improve access to the facilities that support physical activities.

4. Children and their parents will be able to name three unhealthy food items that should be limited or avoided

4. Some foods, more that others, contribute to obesity. Ability to identify those food items allows children and their parents to limit or completely eliminate them. Fast food, sweets, and processed food are the main offenders when it comes to weight gain and obesity and must be either limited or avoided. According to the Food Guide Pyramid fats, oils, and sweets should be used sparingly. 4. All individuals will be able to identify foods to limit on the Food Guide Pyramid. Children and their parents will be given pictures with descriptions of foods that should be limited or avoided.

(U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2012)
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