Compare And Contrast Families In The 1950s

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Jennifer Miller
Assignment 3
September 8, 2013

The families in the 1950’s compared to today are a lot different. These days families do not spend a lot of time together like back in the day, when the mother could stay at home with the children while the father worked. In times today everyone in the whole family usually works so it is really hard to find time to spend together. In the fifties, families were a lot closer, even though the brothers and sisters may have argued a lot, you could tell that between the family there was a really tight bond that kept them close together. Back then it was a lot easier to be a family because you didn’t have a lot of responsibilities and things were a lot cheaper and easier to do then. Now a days things are so expensive and you have to work a lot harder for the things that you want. Watching the television shows from back in the day made me think about how much fun it would be to live back then. It seems as if they didn’t have any worries in the world. I know that it is television and everything seems a lot easier on the TV but from stories I have heard from my grandparents, it seems as if they had it a heck of a lot easier than people now days. Seems to me as if there was no worries and the world and that you could just play outside all day and not come back in until it was time for supper. In the show “Father Knows Best,” the female role was to cook and clean and do what a girl is basically known to do. The father seemed to help out to with all that, but the main role of the father was to be the money maker. He would be the only one working while the wife stayed at home and cooked and cleaned. The children would go to school and I didn’t notice none of the children actually having jobs. There was a problem in this show when the boy couldn’t decide what instrument he wanted to play and he had changed his mind a few times and his parents were very frustrated with the fact that he couldn’t make his mind up. He had brought home bongo drums one day and his parent had reminded him of all the instruments he had attempted playing before. His parents were trying so hard to figure out the reason as to why he wanted to play these drums. They soon figured out that he wanted