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Dear Portfolio Reader,
When given the task, I immediately read all of the subtexts that gave a brief description to each of the fifty essays before I could determine which essay I could best relate to besides reading the book for the reason that sometimes, you need an overview. To be honest, I feel this essay is way better than the first. I believe this to be true because I outlined and analyzed exactly what quotes from “Graduation” would be relative to my story and African Americans in general who go through some of the same things when it comes to getting an education or in my case; graduating from high school. I loved the process of developing the essay, because although my mind was racing, I could focus on involving myself in the essay and how I could disagree with some of Angelou’s opinions yet agree with almost half. In regard to peer reviews, my fellow classmates did not really have much commentary on my essay for me to go back and correct. For example, you would send me back to add particular examples of exactly how and who did not believe in me or otherwise, other ways to relate to Angelou. On the other hand, instead of being so descriptive with people, I needed to be specific with what was disorganized in the place. I have learned to pay special attention to the guidelines and requirements of the essay rules. Also, it is my nature to use big language, but I have learned to dumb it down in a way so that my peers can understand it. Just kidding, I need to stop