Writing Skills Strengths

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Being raised in a low income community, where resources are diminished, and the dropout rate is more than fifty percent, my education level such as my writing skills are not as developed as others. I am currently only accustomed to the five paragraph essay method. The influences in the past have really affected my reading and writing skills. I carry many weaknesses and few strengths that affect my development of writing compositions. As I started my first semester of college last fall, I started noticing all of my weaknesses. I have many weaknesses I need to improve on, such as my reading and writing skills. When an instructor assigns me to do an analyzation of a paper of some sort, ideas do not flow to my head as fast as others. When annotating a reading that is important to a composition, I have to re-read the reading at least three times in order for me to understand the material. Not to mention, that when I have to gather enough evidence, claims, arguments, it is still hard for me to place all of those things into an essay. …show more content…
I am still in search for my strengths, I believe the thing I am most good at is critical thinking. I love to challenge my brain with very complex problems that is why I am engineering major. My way of thinking is very different than others, I like to think two steps ahead, and that is why I tend to do very well when it comes to writing an analyzation of a mystery solving articles or papers. My brain functions differently and I like to analyze what I have done wrong. My critical thinking skills play a useful role when it comes to analyzing a very complex reading. I may not be the fastest at solving a problem but my critical thinking skills help me place things into the right order. For example, when writing an essay, I like to think which arguments go first in order for my paper to make sense. I may have a lot of weaknesses nut this is one of my major strengths when it comes to writing