Is Abortion The Right Choice?

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Is abortion the right choice? Ashley Smallwood
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Being a freshman in college is hard and having a child would make things more difficult and it adds stress; so an abortion would come to mind, although becoming a parent makes a person more mature. An abortion isn’t always the answer there’s always an alternatives such as adoption. A college freshman would want to get an abortion because; they aren’t ready for children. A child is needs constant care and they might not be ready for such a huge responsibility. When having a child you have to be stable, financially and have a stable home, if a person just started college a child is probably not the best thing. College alone is expensive, and having a child and trying to finish with school is very difficult. According to a person spends 221,190 on a child up until high school. A freshman college student will have a hard time keeping up with school expenses and child expenses. Another reason a person might want to get an abortion is because they’re too young; having a child at a young age can be burdensome, young people make a lot of adolescent mistakes. When you’re a parent childish mistakes and teenage ways isn’t acceptable because they can’t be a child raising child. They might not be able to take care of a child if they are barely an adult; in college is where you start to get a sense of what being an adult is like. Some college freshman barely knows the first thing about caring for or disciplining a child and they can barely taking care of their selves. By both parents being college students and a child may not be a mutual agreement; the father might not want to sacrifice his education for a baby. one of them might have to quit school to get a full time job to support the baby while the other tries to finish school; the father might not agree with that & leave her so she would end up being a single parent that’s no longer in school because she has to support her