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Mr. Store Manager,

I began shopping at County Market in August of 2010 and have never had a problem with anything. The store has a great layout, fine customer service, and a good café. Except for this past month when I ordered chicken strips to find they were horribly undercooked.

The day was August 31st, 2013 and I was going in for lunch at around 2:30 in the afternoon for a convenient meal. After, I returned to my home to eat the meal I found out how undercooked the chicken was. At this point I had taken a few bites out of each piece to see if they were all inedible. It turned out two of the three chicken fingers had not been cooked all the way through.

When I realized this meal was mostly unpalatable, I took it back to the store to get a new meal. I went straight up to the café counter and showed the worker the condition of the meal only to be informed nothing could be done. They claimed that because I had taken a bite out of every piece to see if they were all undercooked no refund could be issued. I thought this was unreasonable and again asked for a new meal in replacement. In the end I was turned away empty handed.

I know County Market has a high reputation on campus as a grocery store and convenient food stop, which makes me wonder how these actions were deemed acceptable. Every other time I have been to the store I have received a quality meal and helpful service. I am requesting a free meal from your store to rectify the misgivings that