Complexity And Technology Essay

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Complexity And Technology Terren spitz asiala per.4

You’re at a concert, you pull out your phone and start recording. You want the video to be perfect so you can share with all your friends on Facebook. So you're staring at a screen instead of the live band. You’re there, but at the same time, you’re not really there . This is complex behavior because you're trying to live in two worlds at the same time: the real world and the digital world. When we become too technologically complex, we risk getting taken out of the here and now and begin developing a false sense of reality. One effect of being to technologically complex is getting taken out of the here and now.
“That 20 somethings are so focused on their smartphone screens, so preoccupied with potential friends that the forget to be with the friends they already have.”(Robin Marantz Henig, just how many facebook friends do you need? you forget who your real friends are when you’re taken out of the here and now you have all of these other facebook friends that you have to deal with contacting them and liking their status while you have your real friends that you have to talk to, also making life even more complex. “Partly it’s a cognitive challenge just to keep track of more people than that and its time­budgeting problem: we just don't have the time in everyday life to invest in each of those people to the extent where you can have a real relationship.”(anthropologist Robin Dunbar Oxford university.)

Another effect of being too technically complex is the feeling that you have to post everything on facebook, or the anxiety you get when you receive a text