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Assignment brief | Qualification | BTEC Level 2 Diploma in IT | Unit number and title | Unit 03 – Computer Systems | Start date | W\C 3rd December 2012 | Deadline | W\C 14th January 2013 | Assessor name | Graham Woollard | | Assignment title | Hardware, Software & Data Flow | The purpose of this assignment is to: This assignment aims to enable you to develop your understanding of the main computer systems that are used today, what the main hardware components are, how data flows through a computer system and how computer systems can connect to a network. | ScenarioYou have just joined a small company called ‘Great Music’ that will be selling tickets for all major music concerts. They are a new company and have ask you to advise them on what computer systems are available, what hardware and software computer systems usually come with and they would also like you to explain about the 2 main types of network that are available. | Task 1: Different Computer Systems Available | P2 | Awarded | |
Using appropriate software you must create an information leaflet which will describes the 5 main computer systems (PC, Laptop, Mobile Phones, Apple Mac & Tablet PCs) that are used today. The leaflet must include images of all 5 of the computer systems and also explain where they are normally used and what main hardware and software components they normally come with. The average cost for each computer system must also be included.For this task create a leaflet which describes: a) The 5 main computer systems (PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Apple Mac & Tablet PC) b) Images of all 5 computer systems. c) What each computer systems are normally used for. d) The main hardware & software components they normally come with. e) The average cost of each computer system.Criterion met. P2 P2 describe the purpose of different types of computer systems. | Task 2: Common Hardware Components Available | P1 P3 | Awarded | |
Produce a report that identifies and explains the common hardware components of a computer system (processor type & processor speed, memory – RAM, ROM, CACHE, storage devices – Hard drive, USB Memory Stick, DVD, Motherboard, PSU, Input Devices – Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, web cam, Output Devices – Monitor, Printer, Speakers). Please use images of the hardware components to support your explanations. The report must also describe the 2 main pieces of software that can be found on a computer system (operating systems & applications). Finally draw a diagram that clarifies how data flows through a computer system. Please annotate the diagram clearly to help explain each stage of the process.Summary of evidence required for Task 2:For this task prepare a report