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Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking
April 7, 2015
Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking
Everyday people deal with some form of conflict. The degree of conflict may vary from person to person, but it has always been common among the masses. Conflict is defined as a “perceived incompatibility of actions or goals” (Myers, 2010, p. 483). Conflict can be internal causing cognitive dissonance. It can be between countries, causing war. Conflict can only be resolved with peace. Peace is defined as “a condition in which individuals, families, groups, communities, and/or nations experience low levels of violence and engage in mutually harmonious relationships” (Myers, 2010, p.484). Some people see peace as the eye of a storm or an eerie calm before conflict comes raging back. True peace is achieved when all parties are genuinely satisfied and on the same accord. Conflict resolutions and peacemaking are skills that can be helpful to everyone in different aspects of their lives. In this paper you will see a long running conflict between two groups whose conflict has been intensifying over the last couple of years. The steps of conflict resolution will also be explained.
Gun control has been a hot topic politically as well as in households over the past few years. Shootings at colleges, high schools, and even elementary schools continue to spark passionate debates. The public demands action from our Government to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. It’s impossible to watch main stream media networks and not hear different ideas about gun control. Some people believe the more gun control regulations, the better. The thought of less guns in our society give them a feeling of safety. In the article it states “Oregon Democrats considering a bill that would force prospective gun owners to submit to increased background checks” (Agee, 2015).
On the other side of this conflict are those who will die to defend their Constitutional right to bear arms. The article states “Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer made it clear that he will not enforce the law should it ultimately pass” (Agee, 2015). They argue that making guns harder to get legally will only affect law abiding citizens. Sheriff Palmer states ““Most criminals acquire their guns not through legal means, but through thefts,” he said, explaining that the people this bill would ostensibly prevent from obtaining a firearm would find some other method of attaining a weapon” (Agee, 2015). People who own guns have them for many reasons. Hunting, self-defense, and target practice are among the top on the list. Gun supporters believe the more guns in the law abiding citizen’s hands, the less crime. The Principle of Least Effort dictates that a criminal will go after a target that will require the least effort. In other words, the path of least resistance. These clashing ideas result in many debates.
The Element of Contact is one of the ways that can potentially form bonds between the clashing parties. At times people forget the person and only focus on the idea that the person represents. When placed in close contact with the opposing side, people tend to push past the fact that this person does not share the same belief as I do. An individual opposed to guns may begin to realize that a gun owner is not just a gun owner. This person is also a dedicated family man, a Pastor at a Church, a School Teacher or a fellow Football fan. Establishing common ground is helpful in conflict resolution and peacemaking.
The Element of Cooperation has a strong bonding effect. In the military, there are many different people and personally types. People who would never talk to each other in everyday life become best friends. One of the reasons for this is the cooperation among the team. The team effort and comradery allows lasting relationships to form and a baseline trust to be built. Service