consequences to your classmates when a student is late Essay

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The Consequences to QL3 Classmates When A Student Is AWOL From Class

When a student is AWOL from his class, this brings negative consequences on himself, his classmates and his chain of command. First, the personal consequences. A student who is AWOL is subject to disciplinary action and administrative action. He can also be charged in accordance with the Queens Regulations and Orders. These actions put unnecessary stress on the course and its chain of command as the staff must deal with such events and cannot deal with other important course issues. Being AWOL not professional military behaviour and this will reflect on the student’s course report and PDR. He will also miss on important class material and practice time. When the lost time becomes too great the student could get removed or even fail his QL3.

The classmates of the AWOL student also suffer from the negatives consequences of this action. For example, if the classmates wait for the AWOL student they also risk being late themselves. Should the class be late as a whole this would require much more administrative actions on the part of the course staff. This also put undue stress on the course senior as he is responsible to know where his classmates are and he must make the decision to leave the AWOL student behind and report it to the staff. This put a lot of stress on the student’s classmates and staff as they try to know if something might have happened to the student. As staff and classmate try to find the missing student, valuable class learning time or time on practical exercises is lost. This means the whole course is now falling behind schedule. The longer the student is missing, the more time is lost. More class time is then lost when the course staff have to give the disciplinary actions to the student. If too much class time…