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Ciera Alexander
Isha Houston * Alvin Ailey: * Activist * Was credited by popularizing modern dance. He also revolutionized African American dancers performing in the 20th century concert dance. * Best known for his piece Revelations * JoAnne Akalaits * Winner of 5 Obie Awards for Directing * Founder of Mabou Mines * Laurie Anderson * Performance artist, composer and musician. * Sings experimental music and art rock * Plays violin and keyboards * Pioneer in electric music. * Invented several devices that she uses in her recordings * One instrument includes a tape-bow violin that used recorded magnetic tape on the violin bow, and a magnetic head bow. * Ingmar Bergman * Swedish * Director, writer and producer for film, television and stage * Known for major subjects of death, illness, faith, betrayal and insanity. He was a master of exploring human condition. * Pina Bausch * Leading influence in the world of modern dance since 1970. * German performer of Modern Dance and choreographer. * She used unique sounds, prominent stage sets and used a style known as Tanztheatre. * Lee Breuer * Writer, director, poet, playwright, adapter and lyricist. * Known for provocative experimental theatre projects. * Lee Breuer is a founding artistic director of Mabou Mines Theater Company * Peter Brooks * Stage Director * Broke all the “rules” in theatre * Stripped performance spaces bare and let the audience imagination do the work * Joseph Chaikin * Actor and Director * Founder of Open Theatre * Favor of more experimental approach that investigated the essential problems of human existence * Lucinda Childs * Dancer and choreographer * minimalistic