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Contemporary dance company in Australia
The ease of movement promoted by contemporary dance technique means that is it accessible for beginners as well as allowing experienced dancers to push new boundaries of body movement. Partners can improvise using the natural movement of the body, characterized by weight exchange, fluid movement and touch
. 'Contemporary dance' has different meanings in different places. Different terms are used: modern dance, post-modern dance, 'new' dance, experimental dance, dance improvisation and contact improvisation as well as other terms in different languages. It is not contemporary artists and companies working in the fields of classical ballet, modern ballet, jazz dance, show dance or other forms of popular dance.
Contempraroy is one of the most biggest dance company and it included lots of people that work for them some of them are :
Choreography Lisa Wilson
Music by Matt Cornell and Paul Charlier
Music edited by Matt Cornell
Cast Emily Amisano, Juliette Barton, Lachlan Bell, Thomas Bradley, Richard Cilli, Janessa Dufty, Bernhard Knauer
Concept Sam Haren, Steve Mayhew, Larissa McGowan
Choreography Larissa McGowan
Dramaturg Sam Haren
Sound Construction Steve Mayhew
Cast Natalie Allen, Bernhard Knauer/Chris Aubrey, Thomas Bradley
Choreography by Emily Amisano
Music by Fourtet, Seekae, Gold Panda
Music mixed by Grayson James
Cast Lachlan Bell, Juliette Barton, Richard Cilli, Janessa Dufty
Dream Lucid
Choreography Stephanie Lake
Music by Robin Fox
Cast Chen Wen, Andrew Crawford, Alana Sargent, Jesse Scales, Todd Sutherland, Jessica Thompson, Charmene Yap
Choreographers Emily Amisano, Stephanie Lake, Larissa McGowan, Lisa Wilson
Rafael Bonachela was a artist director in 2009 : and went to aand made contemporary dance company and was choreographer first
The company was made in 1969 in early 70s by dancer Suzanne Musitz
Its located wharf, pier 4 in Sydney busy art at whalsh bay . In the early 1970s, the organization came of age as The Dance Company (NSW) and began to receive annual government funding along with a notable growth in stature and public support. In 1975-1976 the Company was directed by Dutch choreographer Jaap Flier, before the appointment of Australian choreographer Graeme Murphy in November 1976. In 1979 Murphy and Vernon instituted the defining name change to Sydney Dan

List of some work that company did in previous years * -------------------------------------------------