Advantages Of Using Vector

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D1- Tendering
For a standard software package Vector is integrated software for professional quantity surveyors. Vector includes comprehensive detailed Building Estimating Libraries with over 10,000 fully resourced and costed items covering Major Works, Minor Works and Alterations and Repairs including small-scale repair spot items. It covers; full detailed labour, material, plant, subcontract with every aspect of cost accessible and adjustable to suit local needs and requirements. Material costs where relevant include laps, wastage, discounts received, conversion of purchase quantity to usage quantity, labour and plant costs for preparing material ready to use on-site, plant costs include hire charges, usage rate, and operator and fuel costs, labour costs include separate individual trade skilled and unskilled costs, labour gangs with calculation for productive and non-productive costs, subcontract costs are split into labour only, and complete item supply. Modern simple Windows interface with full support drag-and-drop, unlimited undo and redo features. Vector detailed estimating is available in both single user and multi-user options, Vector has a variety of options to choose from so it makes it easier to understand and clear to follow.
The benefits of using Vector is that it is quick, accurate, reliable, comprehensive resource analysis, report presentations to be proud of, short learning curves and supplied with quality detailed libraries which will aid any surveyor using Vector.
For a specialist software package using EstimatorXpress’s estimating software for builders, they claim that EstimatorXpress is the fastest, most accurate estimating software for extensions and new builds on the market for renovations, alterations, loft conversions and all other general building works. The reasons people choose EstimatorXpress as their chosen estimators package