Communication And Interpersonal Communication In Health And Social Care Environment

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In this criterion I am going to be writing about the role of communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social care.

Effective communication has a big role in health and social care environment because there are a lot of jobs that come under health and social care. This means the people working in the health and social care environment need to have good communication skills to be able to do the job properly, because some of the jobs that come under health and social care environment would have a lot of vulnerable people who are using their service. So they need to communicated to the differently to the workers. To fulfil the patients’ needs they have to know different methods of communication. Communication is when two or more people have different opinion, idea and discussion of the same topic and respect each other opinion. When people have different opinions to share with each other they don’t have to all agree on the same thing, even though they disagree they can still tolerate the others ideas in a sign of respect

Verbal communication
Verbal communication includes using sounds and language to pass on a message. By talking and listening the person that you’re talking with will understand what you are saying and will be able to give a response. Verbal communication can be used to form a bonding, relationship, discussion, argue and etc...

This is an example of formal communication because it is written professionally with an address, date and complimentary close. 26th/09/13

This is an example of informal letter because he is using slang words it does not refer to anyone in particular. 26th/09/13

Non- verbal communication

Non verbal communication is a process of communicating without words instead