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English 103-020

Essay 1, Draft 1

September 5, 2013


Dear Jane Doe, I am interested in the physical therapist position posted on Craigslist. I just graduated from the SUNY upstate program, receiving my Doctor of Physical Therapy and passing my national license examination. Working with people is a passion of mine and I feel that this position will allow me to fulfill this desire. As a student of SUNY upstate, I have learned from the best professors and have received an excellent education. Being one of the top schools, they have taught me all of the latest skills and newest procedures when working with patients. When learning these skills I have furthermore learned to take in new practices as rules and regulations change. Flexibility is a necessity when working in the medical field. Throughout my internships while at SUNY Upstate, I have worked with a wide variety of people in many different situations. I can assure you with complete sincerity that I enjoyed every moment I got to spend with them. Their progress is what I strive to see because they are more than just patients to me. They are real people with families and lives that just need a little help getting back to their feet. Goals are another necessity in therapy, I feel, because without goals there is nothing to work towards. If therapy wasn’t about recovery what would be the point? Although connecting with patients is part of therapy that is sometimes neglected my goal is to avoid those streamline practices. I also believe that patients will progress the fastest are the ones that feel the most comfortable. This is another reason why I think I’m the…