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Critical and Creative Thinking

July 28, 2014
Critical and Creative Thinking
Essay 1: A current situation that plagues California that is a public interest to all residence of California is the shortage of water. During the summer months in California it can become hot and water can become scarce. Because of the lack of rainfall California get within the year the rain does not restore water losses from their previous levels especially, when this becomes a normal thing. An idea or thought that can be used for a better outcome is better conversation of water and the processing of water. The many uses water has and the amount or way it can become wasted is a loss to us all. Another idea can be the use of water for country club grounds, schools, cemeteries, and stadiums that use water to water their grass. If the water shortage is at its worse, then places such as schools, cemeteries, and country clubs should be the first to conserve water. The importance of using our minds to think critically is to avoid such problems that may occur in the future.
Essay 2: The definition of free will is according to Google is, “the power of acting without the constraint of necessity of fate.”(Pg. 1.). Well the definition of truth is something that is in accordance with fact or reality. According to Google the definition of knowledge is, “facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience of education. (Pg. 1.). Lastly, opinion is a statement made without fact or knowledge; this can be based off of belief of feeling.
Each concept: free will, truth, knowledge, and opinion can be used to form thoughts or ideas. The way free will can form ideas the freedom to think for themselves. Truth can give a person facts to stand on when processing a thought. Knowledge can give a person purpose and backbone of truth to form a thought. An opinion, is just somebody’s expression or feeling and is not based on facts or knowledge.
Essay 3: The three different hindrances that can be encountered during a critical thinking process are human limitations, the use of language, and psychological pitfalls. According to Greg Haskins, the basic human limitation applies to everyone… that these limitation remind us that we are not perfect. (Para.22.). The use of language can become a