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Isabel Cadet December 9, 2014
Prof. Fleisher Fictional artist paper “By the time of the attempt on my life, it was clear that my career had hit a wall - a pending RICO indictment will do that” said from long time mobster Schmully Bozza. For most guys, the “wall” is death, prison, or selling vinyl siding in Long Island, NY, but there are other ways out. Looking back, you can say that somehow he climbed the wall. He saw a future on the other side and he took it. But “the life” had been a hell of a ride while it lasted. Schmully Bozza was a Brooklyn born boy who eventually moved to the streets of Staten Island where at a young age began to let’s say hang around the wrong crowd after the death of his father, who died at the age of 45 from a sudden heart attack. Schmully was then raised by his now single mother who worked long hours every day to meet household expenses, this left Schmully to do as he pleased so he decided to roam the streets of Staten Island which at the time was not the safest place to hang out. He watched his mother Kathy work hours and hours each day sometimes working 2 jobs at a time just to provide for her family. This is where the urge to protect and provide for his family came along. Some would say he did not go about it the proper way like, maybe find an after school part time job at the local pizzeria to give his mother some money in helping with the bills. He began to sell drugs and do illegal work for local mobsters in return for getting paid cash. Schmully’s family was his everything and that’s what he always fought for, his mother, little brother Joe, and little sister Lisa. With his eye on the prize; cash he saw nothing immoral with what he was doing for work. Slowly but surely he began to rack up lots of cash and only got deeper and deeper into the mobster lifestyle. Yes he provided for his family and more but still had money to do whatever he wanted with it. Kathy began to realize what Schmully was up to for work but did nothing about it, because she had the opportunity to work less hours at work and have extra cash to buy herself nice things she always wanted. Eventually he dropped out of school and began hustling full-time. Schmully began to make so much money he became very materialistic. He bought the nicest clothes, had the most expensive cars, and moved his family out of the bad neighborhood in Staten Island to a more upscale neighborhood in Staten Island. At this point they had it all. Kathy no longer had to work and the younger siblings no longer had to not have what they wanted like Schmully did growing up. Schmully learned and experienced “the business” in and out to the point they expanded into the streets of Philadelphia and his hometown Brooklyn. He was very street smart but at times it caught up to him, rivalries began to arise as his growth and success in the mob increased. He had a few crooked cops on his side so he was not too worried but rumors and talks about tips from the federal government came about constantly. With his constant anxiety Schmully eventually left the state of New York hoping to not be arrested. He travelled the world for a couple of months mostly in