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According to about flight MH370, the underwater drone scanning the ocean for Malaysia Airlines Flight 360 ended its eighth mission on Monday. They have covered about two thirds of its intended territory without finding any sign of the missing plane. The BlueFin-21 began its eighth mission on Sunday surveying the bottom of the southern Indian Ocean for traces of flight 370. Australia’s Joint Agency Coordination Centre announced Monday morning that up to ten military aircraft and eleven ships would participate in the search as well. The failure to find clues to the plane’s disappearance does not mean that the operation will stop. Malaysian authorities briefed families of people aboard Flight 370 behind closed doors Sunday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Yes, the reporting of the news story was clear and accurate. Yes, the story consider alternative perspectives and worldviews. By Flight 370 being talked about worldwide, millions of people now know about what is happening with it today and millions of people have their different opinions about what could have possibly happened. There were many questionable assumptions implicit in the story. Like for one thing, people can ask how long did the search team look in the Indian Ocean for the plane, how many people were a part of the search team, do they think there is a possibility the plane could have been hijacked by the two people who had the fake passports, are the people still alive, and many more questionable assumptions