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As i opened my eyes in the morning i remember catching a glimpse of the vivid being thrown and the sound of foot steps thundering down the hall way. This is when I knew i had been attacked by Kaiden. Even though it gave me a fright I was starting to get used to it, it was to be expected when he was in the house. As I got out of bed to go see the damage I remember seeing this cheeky little face appear around the corner and a evil like chuckle faint in the back ground. This evil little chuckle was followed by the smart remark “hey sam, that’s a nice face mask where’d you get it, I wouldn’t mind one myself.” You knew this was the time to chase him and get him back for what he had done. Kaiden was the person no one could ever stay angry at. When you finally got hold of him after chasing him around the house he would just pull a funny face and you couldn’t help but laugh. He did the cheekiest things and as mum used to say “you can never stay angry at this boy, he just gets all up in your face making you laugh and making it hard to stay angry at him. You can’t even take him seriously because he’d be sitting there with his top lip up looking like that seedy guy off TV.”
“Kaiden would get away with everything, he would just look at you making a funny noise or pulling a weird face and that would make everyone give in. At times you wanted to just punch him but you know he’d get you back twice as hard and when you were least expecting it. I remember this one time he was sitting in the class room at school and he kept throwing things at the teacher then when she finally caught him he just sat there and pointed at me with an innocent look on his face. She believed him and no