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The many different criminal justice systems around the world are implemented to apprehend, prosecute, defend, sentence, and punish those who are suspected or have been convicted of criminal offenses and crimes. The criminal justice system in England and Wales are geared more towards "reducing offences and crimes by bringing these crimes to justice while raising the public’s confidence that their criminal justice system is fair and that it will deliver for all law-abiding citizens. In Canada it is different. Their criminal justice system reaches to balance many goals of crime prevention and aims for control and justice (fairness, equity, and protection of each individual’s rights). In Sweden, their criminal justice system focuses on how to reduce crime offenses while increasing the security of their people. In China, the criminal justice system works toward keeping their society functioning well and protect every individual’s rights. Overall, criminal justice plays a huge role throughout the world as a whole everywhere.

The modern criminal justice system of today has evolved since the ancient times with new ways and forms of punishment, more rights for victims and offenders, and policing reforms. These new developments have reflected changings in customs, ideals of political views, and many economic conditions. In ancient times, exile was a popular form of capital punishment. In the Middle Ages, payment to the victim (or the victim's family), known as wergild, was another form of popular punishment. For many that could not afford to pay their way out of punishment, harsher penalties would include branding, mutilation, flogging, and execution.
The Criminal Justice System of England and Wales and is one of the major public services in this country and when you see a judge or magistrate sitting in court, you see result of 1,000 years of legal evolution. Despite its oddities, it is widely respected as one of the best and most independent criminal justice systems in the world. England and Wales Criminal Justice System assists and works with many different agencies such as the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, the courts, prisons and prohibition. These agencies all work together to deliver their criminal justice system. These agencies are overseen by three government departments: the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice, and the Attorney General's Office.
Some legal issues that England and Wales have come across is about 90% of inmates and prisoners in the England and Wales criminal justice system suffer from mental health problems. Upon the release of the criminal offenders they are 36 times more likely to kill themselves than the general population. Opportunities to divert the mentally ill inmates from the prison facility towards the health service are missed quite often.
Mexico’s criminal justice system differs in many ways from that of the U.S. Most importantly, many of those legal rights and the protections for the U.S. citizens do not apply in Mexico. Punishments for many crimes are more severe in Mexico. Worldwide, Mexico has the highest number of criminal arrests with U.S. citizens abroad and also the largest U.S. inmate and prisoner population outside of the United States.

One main difference between the U.S. and the Mexican legal systems is that Mexico is a "civil law" country and U.S. is a "common law" country. When you think of Common law this emphasizes case laws that rely on the judges’ decisions in former cases. On the other hand, Mexico's civil law system is derived solely from Roman law and the Napoleonic Code and aims more towards actual laws than on former court decisions. In the U.S., one case can establish a legal principle and many lawyers would then analyze these many cases to interpret the law. Mexico studies the law and makes the best argument with the facts given.
Overcrowding of prisons is chronic in Mexico.