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How to survive your first semester of college

To survive and thrive during your first semester of college, one must prioritize, create an agenda, master calendar, and set time aside to complete assignments in an area free of distraction.
Main point 1: The first step in the process of surviving your first semester of college is to prioritize and you can do this by creating an agenda.
Sub-point 1: For many students, the new freedom that comes along with college life can be quite distracting. This being so, it is a necessity to prioritize the events of daily life in a matter that sets them up for success.
Sub-point 2: When you start to prioritize your daily activities, it is crucial to decide their level of importance.
Sub-point 3: After deciding the level of importance each event holds, it is vital to put them in an order with the most important first, so that you know to complete those activities first and foremost.
Main point 2: The second step in surviving your first semester is to create a master calendar.
Sub-point 1: After prioritizing your activities for the week, it is important to record major events, such as a big test or quiz, on a calendar.
Sub-point 2: Each important date should include the type of activity that will take place along with a note. For example, if you have a big test coming up, you should also include a note telling you which subject(s) you should review.
Sub-point 3: Once you have developed a master calendar, you will be able to prepare in advance so that