Essay on Criminal Justice Ideals

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Since I am not sure if this is right this is a rough draft of what I should be doing. I need feed back. Please let me know if I am on the right track.

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Stage 3 Program or Policy Design Stage

Chosen: As a group we agreed that the need for this type program was needed to help reduce recidivism, of individuals once they are release from prison and jails. A program designed to assist with job training and job preparedness. A small salary for participants while they maintain their job search.

Target Population: With no relationship to race and gender, ex offender with non violent convictions as specified by the state of South Carolina Criminal Justice Law, who are released into Parole and Probation. Ages 17 years to 49 years of age. Individuals with felonies and misdemeanor identified as non- violent. Those not eligible included are violent felonies, sex offenders and age 50 years or older as other agencies such as AARP will care for offenders in this age group.

Client Selection: Client will have made parole put on probation due to good behaviorand or completion of a program such as, drug treatment while incarcerated. Client will complete an application, bio psychosocial assessment, a screening process, clients records while incarcerated pertaining to any charges received while incarcerated. There must be evidence of change within the individual.

Provision of Program and Policy:
Components- To assist with job skills and training to obtain stable employment to reduce recidivism, for individuals with the disability of ex-offender. Which consist of some classroom setting. Paid time for participation. Work in collaboration with Companies through tax-breaks. Monitor clients on a regular bases ( 3 months ) once employment has been obtained. Assist client with tools needed for successful job performance uniforms, power…