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22 October 2012
“Kathleen Parker: Suddenly, it’s showtime in the race for president”
In “Suddenly it’s showtime in the race for president” Kathleen Parker discusses the first presidential debate and Mitt Romney’s undisputed victory. Parker stresses the importance of the debate with 67.2 million people watching, and such a tight race it’s all in the air now and time for the games to begin.
Parker insists that Governor Romney has won the first debate by a landslide. Parker states “It was quite simply a knockout performance by the Republican challenger.” Parker also points out that President Obama rarely looked at Romney, seeming riveted by something on his lecture. Parker talks about Obamas sort of awkward smile, seeming false like an imposter at a funeral. Also Parker points out the age difference between the two candidates Romney being 65 and Obama just 51 which wasn’t the case in the first presidential debate, Obama seemed tired and peeved, when Romney was youthful and energetic.
I support Parker and all of her beliefs in this article about the two candidates and their first debate. Romney came out guns hot and firing on all cylinders, when Obama seemed unsure and defensive. I thought the candidates were much closer in age being that Romney comes across as much younger than he truly is, but after reading this article I’m stunned at the fact that President Obama is 14 years younger than Governor Romney. I concur with Parker in thinking that Governor Romney is