The Importance Of Technology In America

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Kelsey Oliveira November 6, 2013

Technology is improving everyday and it will not be weakening anytime soon. It has become a source of power such as strengthening communication but on the other hand it has also weapon.The United States has become so advanced in technology but what have they done with all these new advancements? As of June 2013 numerous documents have been released and has revealed America’s actions and intents. These documents show the massive surveillance program that includes interception of email, phone tapping, and Internet communications. These findings had not benefited the United States for it showed illegal activity and spying on friendly nations during various international summits. Without doubt every nation is in uproar. Some nations have used it to their benefit by raising themselves to win diplomatic points. However, some countries have not taken this to lightly to any extent. It has caused not just tension but distrust in many.The actions by the government has given not only a bad name to itself but for the people of the country. Americans are not happy with this fact and as well feel distrust towards the government because the violation of privacy is constantly being committed to even the most innocent of people. The surveillance began after the 9-11 terrorist attacks in 2001. Ever since the United States have been trying to end this so-called “war on terror”. This feels like history repeating itself many would argue. Over two