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Elijah Boothe
English III
Mr. M
26 November 2012
From All Over the Globe, Films That Look Inward
This year is going to be very difficult for anyone competing in the foreign language film category. Last year their was 63 entries that were entered in this field. In the last couple of years the topics of these different films have been base off of families, couples, and other small groups. Europe however seems to take the win most often compared to the other foreign countries. Other countries such as France, Romania, and Asia have submitted their various projects, some about love, and compassion, while others are about a series of characters facing different tests, trial as they prolong an immense journey to find the answers that they seek. Entries from Asia include a series of films that could catch the eye of any Academy voter. However most of China seems to be counting on the director Chen Kaige, who seemed to have gained a lot of attention from his production “Caught in the web” which was about a young woman whose life had seemed to turn bad when a video of her that displayed false evidence of her committing a crime in public had went viral. The director of this movie was Kim Ki-duk. Everyone is anticipating which foreign country will take home the first prize award for the foreign language film category.
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