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The Secret to Smarter Kids: Naps This event talks about how nap is important for kids and adults. As studies shows that naptime is as important as programs focused on fighting bullying or learning to wait their turn for academe’s youngest students, according to the latest research. Also if skipping naptime 10% of kids memory accuracy. Having opportunities to convince schools to make time to have the kids to take a nap is very important. “These results should give schools, center directors and policy makers motivation to not only preserve nap opportunities but to focus on encouraging nap opportunities,” says Spencer. With President Obama advocating universal preschool to take advantage of a developing brain’s hunger to observe, learn and process new information, these results should justify the need for naps as part of a preschool curriculum. “Currently some kids who have the most social and academic needs are taken out of the classroom for one-on-one sessions with teachers during the nap,” says Spencer. “But these could be the kids who need the nap the most. Naps should be part of our academic goals – they actually help us to meet academic goals.” The essential theme that best describe this event is Technology and science. Naptime is very important for a lot of students because it is the best way for the brain to develop and process everything that was studied in