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Current Events Business Research
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Current Events Business Research
For many years my wife and I have had the opportunity of running and teaching at our martial arts studio here in South Florida, in the past couple of years the competition has come and gone, our longevity has been due to our continuing to change up and add to our training programs. In the recent years our students and friends have asked us to possibly add some sort of boot camp training, due to my military background. Here is where my business research experience was born.

The first stage of the business research process is to discover the problem or dilemma, which in my case was how to
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The fourth stage “Data collection and preparation” was fairly easy, we used the face book accountant to tally our data, we had hundreds of inquiries, the boot camp trend here in South Florida is huge, a lot of people are doing them and teaching them, but there are only a few that are truly boot camp oriented, a lot of schools and gyms are calling them boot camp, but the instructors are not incorporating true boot camp training or have the attitude of a drill instructor. My background was very influential in the data that we received, the survey also had a small bio about my background and my wife’s, and this is what I think we got so much feedback.
Stage five, “Data analysis and interpretation”, the surveys did not have room for the participants to add comments if was a yes or no design, were we got most of our data came from the face book account; this is where the participants really gave us feedback. We separated the inquiries from the feedback post, most of the post was feedback, people were telling us about their experiences in some boot camp classes that they attended, they were sharing vital information with us, and this proved my initial thoughts that people were not happy with some of the other programs